About ZEDE del Litoral

ZEDE del Litoral is a Special Economic Zone located in Guayaquil, Ecuador.
This innovation space aims to accommodate new industries focused on exports or substituting imports with local production, benefiting from customs advantages

ZEDE del Litoral: a nurturing haven of great opportunities


24/7 CCTV surveillance and inmediate access to emergency services

Cost-saving Incentives

VAT refund for domestic purchases, Exemption for Capital Exit Tax and exception from export taxes.

Strategic Location

Connected to a major highway in Guayaquil, which crosses the city from north to south.


Near the best public university in Ecuador with several research centers and talented professionals.

Natural Landscape

Largest lake in Guayaquil city with beautiful landscapes.

Ready to provide the assistance that you need

Our Services

All-inclusive Management

Support in customs processes, ministries, IRS, other SEZ, universities, municipality and other public and private institutions.

Taxation and Customs

IRS claims for VAT reimbursement on domestic purchases.

Qualification process guidance

We aid you on compiling your qualification portfolio.

Technological Plaform for Operations

A digital tool to ensure compliance with SEZ regulations.

A multidisciplinary proficient team at your service

Our team consists of accomplished professionals with expertise spanning different areas ZEDE's operations. This breadth of experience equips us to provide the utmost solutions for your company.

Meet a company at ZEDE


Bioconversion: Pioneering company in Circular Economy, who contributes in the Food Industry sustainability. . With the black soldier (Hermetia illucens), the company transforms non-hazardous, low-protein organic waste (less than 5%) into insect flour over 40% of protein content. This insect flour serves the animal feed industry as well as organic fertilizer production.

The company proudly stands as the first Ecuador and Latin American's industrial plan of this nature.

Our partners

Alcaldía de Guayaquil





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