Estrategic positioning

We are located in Guayaquil, Ecuador

  • Situated on the Eastern Coast of the Pacific.
  • Equipped for Neo-Panamax vessel docking.
  • More than 25 maritime agencies active in Guayaquil.
  • The Port of Guayaquil manages 36% of Ecuador's container traffic (2020).
  • Ecuador is part of the Andean Community of Nations, a region of global free trade.

National Road Network Access

Easy nationwide distribution facilitated by integration with Ecuador's road network

Proximity to International Airport and Port

Merely 10 km from José Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport and 22 km from the maritime port.

Close to Telecommunications Providers

Close proximity to dedicated internet, point-to-point transmission, cloud storage providers, etc

Adjacent to the Perimetral Highway

Positioned alongside the Perimetral Highway, a key route spanning Guayaquil from North to South.

Exceptional Mobile Coverage

The area enjoys extensive mobile network coverage from the country's providers.

Available Infrastructure

Spanning 131.6 hectares adjacent to the protected La Prosperina forest, the SEZ is accessible via two vehicular entry points: one designed for light vehicles and another catering to both light and heavy vehicles. These entrances offer seamless connections to the city's port and airport.

Natural Landscape

At ZEDE del Litoral you'll be greeted by breathtaking landscapes for its adjacency to nature. What's more, the area's elevation at 50 meters above sea level, coupled with an extensive drainage network linked to the lake, ensures minimal flooding possibilities.

Close to Emergency Facilities

CCTV surveillance through ESPOL 911 ensures security. We're located 1 km from the police station, 1.5 km from the Police Special Operations Headquarters, and 2 km from the fire station.

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Alcaldía de Guayaquil