About us

A catalyst for Ecuador's development.

ZEDE del Litoral: a nurturing haven of great opportunities

ZEDE del Litoral is an Special Economic Zone located in Guayaquil, Ecuador. This SEZ was created in 2017 and obtained its administration approval in 2018. ZEDE del Litoral spans across 131.6 he, providing ample space for endeavors focused exports or substituting imports with local production.

Creating Growth Spaces

Fostering clusters, first-rate infraestructure and increasing economic inflow.

Unwavering Innovation

Adapative agility, research and development, and efficiency.

Societal influence

Novel products and services by creating high-quality job opportunities for the local community.


We are a SEZ focused in sustainability, fostering new industries through technological transfer and innovation to enhancing the country's competitiveness.


To be internationally recognized as the prime hub for technological development on the Ecuadorian hub.

At ZEDE del Litoral, we are continuously working to integrate the SDGs into our operations and decisions.

The implementation of the SDGs is crucial to ensure a sustainable future and economic empowerment.